Ignite Your Spiritual Practice 

and Fully Own Your Intuition





You are Ready for this Sister...Your birthright is happiness, and I know you've done really well to create the life you have.


However, deep down you know there are pieces that need some synergy and attention. You know your Intuitive and really powerful, and yet this sensitivity and creativity hasn't fully been cultivated and given proper outlets to express..let alone seem like they make sense in today's modern tone that seems totally out of wack with principles you truly care about.


 I have created this MasterClass to be that catalyst, that fire, and the support that you are seeking, but not sure why or how to fully access. I am so thrilled to offer you this curriculum set up to rock your world for a lifetime. 

What to expect during the MasterClass...The Freedom Now MasterClass curriculum is divided into two parts Lecture and Yoga Practice. 


During the Lecture portion of the day, we explore the Physical/Mental, Energetic/Emotional, and Psychic/Spiritual aspects of ourselves. We then see how each one is interconnected and supporting the wellbeing of the other. Which leads us to discover an ironclad system of how to heal all parts of yourself, and inspire your spiritual practice, then live and thrive as your authentic beautiful self. We then explore the myriad of ways to cultivate Your Own Unique and Potent Yoga/Ritual Practice, through a class with me and a special guest (TBA)

Location and Time:

Freedom Now MasterClass will be held at

The Wailea Healing Center on August 24th at 10-3 (Lunch 12-1) Bring your own lunch :)


What you will need and receive during class:

*You will receive a workbook with exercises and space to write notes (bring your pen/pencil)

*You will need to provide yourself with Water, Food, proper clothing to move and sweat, extra layers if needed, and extra padding to sit on. 

*and expect some fun surprises..

One REALLY important NOTE:  Just to be clear, this masterclass is NOT a golden ticket to Nirvana La La Land... We lovingly and assertively address the spaces of our exsistance here that have been unchallenged and unchecked. This course is a loving, and fierce friend who tells it like it is...SO THAT, You can, WE ALL can show up in life, in our center, in our hearts, fully present, and aligned with our true paths.

Why is this so important? When we Heal Ourselves..We Heal the World


We can still be Spiritual and Happy, with the tools to self regulate in ways that are healthy, and that work. So that when life brings us it's full spectrum opportunities, we really can show up.

Life is to sweet and sacred to live for and serve the things that repress us. You were born Whole and Complete, and the world really is waiting for You to BE YOU. You were born to Be Free to Be Whole and to Be Well.

If not now,when? 

Take a leap Sister, sometimes a net will appear..and sometimes the leap will initiate a miracle you haven't imagined yet. No matter who you are and no matter the why, I am so excited to be a part of the journey.





Freedom Now MasterClass


Limited Space Available